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You release your record only once!

Nobody likes weak and flat sound.  There's more to your music than meets the ear.
Discover the full potential of your sound.  Your listeners deserve it.

You wouldn't leave your success to chance.  Would you?



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Don't get ran over on playlists.  That's where your new fans are.


I don't just care about your sound
I care about You.

Miro helps you with finding pain points in your mix and makes recommendations on what needs to be fixed in the mix before it’s ready for mastering.

Ever since I started working with Miro for mastering my mixes, they have gone from ok to full on label quality!  I have never once been disappointed with the end product and neither have the artist I’ve produced.

Thanks to Miro’s help the projects I thought were ready to be forgotten have landed themselves in Source Audio Libraries for shows on Netflix, E! TV, MTV, Oprah Winfrey Network and more!


I compose, produce and mix a WIDE variety of music ranging from Film Scores/Cues, Orchestral Soundtracks, Electronic, all the way to Full Extreme Metal tracks.  No matter what I throw Miro’s way, his mastering always improves upon my mixes.

I will help you improve upon your sound.

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1. Fill the form 
A brief introduction to your song/production/mix greatly helps me understand your wants and needs so that I can deliver exactly what you need!

3-step guide to MASSIVE sound

2. Get a quick response
Get detailed mix notes even before the mastering stage so that we can tackle any issues before the final master!

3. Receive a MASSIVE, Heavy Hitting Master straight to your inbox!
Make sure that Your song STANDS OUT and DOMINATES the playlists!

What are you waiting for? 

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Become a Heavy Hitter!

Stop leaving streams on the table and get that MASSIVE, Heavy Hitting sound you've been craving for now!


I'll get back to you within one business day!