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MIRO MASTERING is the only place I will go for mastering my mixes.  He has an amazing ear for pulling out the best mixes possible.  Not only does he do a great job with the actual mastering, he also helps you with finding pain points in your mix and makes recommendations on what needs to be fixed in the mix before it’s ready for mastering.

Miro is very quick and efficient with his work and you will always get a professional product at the end of the day.  If you are looking for a professional mastering engineer to start working with, I would look no further than MIRO MASTERING. 

Ever since I started working with Miro for my mastering my mixes have gone from ok to full on
label quality I have never once been disappointed with the end product and neither have the artist I’ve produced.  Overall great guy and even better mastering engineer!!”

“When Miro works on a project with you, you know you’re in safe, professional hands.  Miro has gone above and beyond just Mastering to revive projects I deemed a lost cause.

Thanks to Miro’s help the projects I thought were ready to be forgotten have landed themselves in Source Audio Libraries for shows on Netflix, E! TV, MTV, Oprah Winfrey Network and more.  This would not have been possible at all if not for Miro’s dedication, skill and professionalism.


I compose, produce and mix a WIDE variety of music ranging from Film Scores/Cues, Orchestral Soundtracks, Electronic, all the way to Full Extreme Metal tracks.  No matter what I throw Miro’s way, his mastering always improves upon my mixes.  From identifying mix issues, adding more definition and bringing out clarity in dense mixes.


Miro is my go to Mastering Engineer for anything that I second guess or want an extra ear on.


And on top of all that Miro is a great guy, always willing help and offer advice on any questions you have regarding your project.”

“Miro can really polish a mix and make it sound crystal clear He’s a really professional person to work with and knows when you just need to go back and adjust the mix to get the song sounding the best it can.”

“Miro is def my go to mastering engineer.

Swift communication and fast delivery.
He is able to hit that mastering sweetspot with loads of
punch and excitement

without ruining the dynamics.
Always killer results!”

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