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Mastering MASSIVE Sound So Your

Listeners Engage

Without Massive and Heavy Hitting Sound, listeners skip your songs.

When you get your songs Mastered, Listeners Engage and Your Band Grows.

Get that MASSIVE and Heavy Hitting Sound

Know You're TRULY On Par with Major Label Records

Stand Out On Playlists and Engage Listeners

Do you want Your songs to sound as MASSIVE as these?

You release your record only once!

❌ Your music sounds small compared to others and you get run over by the competition

❌ Listeners skip your songs after a few seconds so you may never even get a chance to show them what you've go!​

❌ Your growth is DRASTICALLY slowed down and your path to success takes longer than it should

✅ ​Get that Massive and Heavy Hitting sound and stay on top of the competition

✅ You can FINALLY Stand Out and DOMINATE the Playlists

Attract new listeners like a MAGNET and get noticed

✅ Achieve your goals and make music full time FASTER

When your sound is Weak and Flat

When you get that MASSIVE Sound

Weak and Flat sound could already be costing you more listeners and streams than you realise.

Most bands struggle getting that MASSIVE and Heavy Hitting Sound that engages their listeners and grows their band.

In fact, I've even witnessed WORLD CLASS Artists and Bands remain COMPLETELY unnoticed because they just didn't invest in their sound.

You Can't Afford To Have Weak And Flat Sound.

For Artists & Bands


For Producers & Mixing Engineers

3-step guide to MASSIVE, Heavy Hitting Release

How It Works

1. Submit the Contact Form

Book mastering by Submitting the Contact Form Below.

2. Make a Release Plan

In the meanwhile make a Release Plan.  Make sure to download and follow the "5 Key Elements To A Successful Album Release" guide for maximum impact.

3. Release and Promote!

Make an impact on listeners with your Massive and Heavy Hitting Song.  Finally stand out and engage listeners and gain more streams and income!

If you’re a band, a producer or a mixing engineer and you’ve got GREAT songs with GREAT production, but your listener engagement just isn’t where you want it to be, you’re in the right place. The hard truth is: You may be missing a TON of new listeners by NOT having that Massive and Heavy Hitting Sound. You’ve tried making songs with different writing style, production approach, recording techniques and mixing styles, but there is just something missing. You often find yourself thinking “it’s not quite there yet”, “I’m not feeling it” and “something is missing” and you just can’t point your finger to what it is. When you listen to your music on playlists, you may have noticed how small it sounds compared to others. It lacks mass, strength and depth and it’s not as punchy and heavy hitting as it could be. The fact that it’s harsh, irritating and fatiguing to listen to on repeat doesn’t really help either. It may even sound so weak and flat that people are straight up just skipping your songs and you are LOSING listeners and therefore, income! If you continue down this path, you are DRASTICALLY slowing down your growth as a music creator and straight up REPELLING new listeners from you. You Simply Can’t Afford To Have Weak and Flat Sound. You’re not alone. When it comes to achieving that Massive and Heavy Hitting sound, many struggle. Let me tell you: it is not your fault. You have just been missing that one piece from the puzzle and I’m here to help you find it and harness it. By getting that Massive and Heavy Hitting Sound to your music, listeners will no longer skip your songs. This means that you lower the threshold for new listeners to become casual listeners, casual listeners to become monthly listeners, monthly listeners to become followers, followers to become fans and fans to spread the word of mouth to their friends, stream your music on repeat and buy your concert tickets and merchandise. Your latest album is the product that sells all the tours, the merch and the first impressions to press, labels and most importantly: Your Fans. Your music should be a listener MAGNET, not a Repellent. You Simply Can’t Afford to Have Weak and Flat Sound. Hundreds of Bands and dozens of Mixing Engineers have already started levelling up their game and investing in their sound to stay on top of the competition, including Heavy Hitters like: ARTKILLS, Crucify The Faith, Lions & Crows, Matthew Denis, My Favourite Nemesis, NEIL, St. Aurora, The Coils and Van VerHoeven Getting that MASSIVE and Heavy Hitting sound is Easy and Fast! 1. Submit the Contact Form 2. Make a Promotion Plan 3. Receive Masters & Release So make your songs work FOR YOU. Invest in Yourself and Get That MASSIVE and Heavy Hitting Sound Today!

You Can't Afford to Have

Weak and Flat Sound

Portrait of woman in headphones listening music with closed eyes. Double exposure of femal


140€/song (1-2 songs)

Single Stem Master for a 5-piece band:  28€/member for that MASSIVE and Heavy Hitting Sound


130€/song (3-6 songs)

3 Song EP Stem Master for a 5-piece band:  78€/member for that MASSIVE and Heavy Hitting Sound


120€/song (7+ songs)

7 Song Album Stem Master for a 5-piece band:  168€/member for that MASSIVE and Heavy Hitting Sound

STEM MASTER is done from instrument groups of the Final Mix.

Squeeze the most out of the mix by blurring the line between mixing and mastering.

Stem Mastering is the Ultimate way to ensure you've got that Massive and Heavy Hitting sound.

Perfect for Self-Producing Bands!

WARNING: Not for the faint of heart.

STEREO MASTER is done from one stereo file of the Final Mix.
If you are excited how good the mix sounds and want to ensure it sounds as Massive and Heavy Hitting as humanly possible,

Stereo Mastering is the right path for you.

Perfect for Producers & Mixing Engineers!

This is the most popular choice.



Standing at a Concert

Book Mastering


Don't know what to tell about your project? 

Check the Delivery Guide for inspiration!

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5 Key Elements To A Successful Album Release

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