My name is Miro Kiiski, a Mastering Engineer who grew up in a small city of Porvoo, Finland.
Years of training, never ending passionate curiosity and the discovery of the art and science of audio have led me to the path of mastering.


When it comes to audio, not one thing is ever the same.
The mix, the playback system, the room, the ear nor the emotional state of the listener.  With all these variables, how can you be sure your music is ready to be delivered to
hundreds of thousands of listeners all around the world? 

Mastering Engineer's knowledge and experience can be the make or break factor in your upcoming releases success.

Let's say you have a song with top notch songwriting, just the right production, recorded perfectly and mixed reeallly well, but it just lacks that little something.. that final push to meet the the radio-ready sound of modern recordings.

That's where I come into play.

Listen.. My promise to you is to enhance your music to it's full potential.
To refine the musical balance that pleases the human hearing.  To highlight those key moments that MOVES your listeners.  To preserve and enhance those sweet dynamics that makes people FEEL the music. 

To bring your music to LIFE. 

..and I don't take my promises lightly.  If you are by any chance not happy with the results, you are welcome to ask for a full refund.


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