Over the years I've developed a thriving network with some of the most amazing engineers, producers and composers I've had the chance to work with.

As an artist, you may already know that you can find a dozen different mixing styles for each genre.  Multiply that by the number of genres out there and you've got yourself a nice haystack to find that needle from.  

If you are not familiar with hearing your music the way you imagined,

You may also realise the value a rock solid producer can bring to the table.  Be it creative, post or beat producing, one can not neglect the power of experienced 3rd party view of your music and its potential.

If you are not familiar with working with a producer,


This section was developed together with the following associates in aid for you to discover that perfect match of a mixing engineer, producer and composer who hold the keys to make your music flourish!

Take a look around or hit me up with your reference tracks at and I'll pick a selection of  a suggestion for the right team for your vision.

Networking is the key to success.

Death metal / Hardcore
Extreme metal / All genres

Hard rock / Punk rock / Reference Mixing
Punk / Rock / Acoustic

Funk / Acoustic

Rock / Pop

Composer & Producer - Cinematic / Rock / Electronic
Post-production - Modern / Progressive Metal

Creative Producer - Pop / Metal
Beats - Hip hop / Rap / Trap / EDM

The list above is unbiased.  It is sorted mainly by genre groups from heavy to light.

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