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Delivery Guide


1. The better the mix, the better the master!

Make sure you are happy with the results BEFORE mastering!

2. Get a round of feedback! (Optional)

Send your mix to and I'll hit you back with a round of feedback before we start!


1. Mix bus
Make sure the mix bus isn't going into reds without a limiter.
Got mix bus processing?  By all means keep it on!  It's part of the mix and your sound.  If you are unsure of any processing, I'd suggest sending two files:  One with the processing ON and another OFF.

2. Tops & tails: 
Leave a few seconds of empty space before and after the mix itself, so that any reverb tales or cymbals rings etc. aren't cut off.

3. Render

Render stereo WAV-files.  Keep the sample rate and bit depth as they are in your session.



Artist, album & song names:  Double-check for errors.

The order of the songs on an album:  "01 Kickass Intro", "02 THE HIT", "03 My Favourite Song" etc.

Overlapping songs:  Info about specific track pauses, fades etc. (if any)

Release platform:  Digital? CD?

Specials & Keywords:  Wishes on tonal characteristics / reference tracks (if any)
Deadline:  Is the project in rush?  If yes, when would you need the masters to be delivered?
Payment details:  Name, address, e-mail, VAT number etc.
Contact e-mail:  To which invoice and master file downloads can be sent.


If anything should come up, please don't hesitate to send a message to


I'd be more than happy to help! :)

Standing at a Concert
Standing at a Concert

Book Mastering

Don't know what to tell about your project? 

Check the Delivery Guide for inspiration!

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