1.   The better the mix, the better the master!

Make sure you are happy with the results BEFORE mastering!


2.   Leave mix bus limiters OFF:  
Make sure there is a couple of dB's of true peak headroom!

3.   If your mix relies heavily on mix bus processing: 
By all means keep it on!  It's part of the mix and your sound.

4.   In case you're unsure of any mix bus processing: 
I'd suggest to render two files: one with the processing ON and
the other 
with the processing OFF.   Limiters OFF either way.

5.   Sample rate & bit depth:
Keep them as whatever the material was recorded/mixed at.

6.   File format: 
Mastering is usually done from a stereo wav file. 

I don't offer surround mastering.  Stem masters can be done in special cases.

7.   Tops & tails: 
Leave a couple of seconds of empty space before and after the mix itself.


Artist, album & song names:   Double-check for errors.

The order of the songs on an album:   "01 Kickass Intro", "02 THE HIT", "03 My Favourite Song" etc.

Specifics on the assembly of an album:   Track pauses, fades etc.  (if any)

ISRC codes:   If available.

Release platform:   Digital?  CD?  Vinyl?

Specials & Keywords:   Wishes on tonal characteristics / reference tracks
/ Expectations when it comes to mastering

Payment details:  Name, address, VAT etc.
Contact e-mail:   To which invoice and master file downloads can be sent.

If anything should come up, please do not hesitate to ask. 

..and don't overthink it!  :)